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The best part of my Christmas trip (with my two daughters): Iguassu
(Best viewed 1080 HD)
La mejor parte de mi viaje de Navidad (con mis dos hijas): Iguazú
(Mejor visto en 1080 HD)
The eternal fall – Dugutigui

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    • Gislinde, dear friend, so this is an excellent video of the amazing Iguazu Falls and Missions, extraordinary spectacle of nature ..
      I hope you have a lovely Sunday afternoon.A hug and kiss with love !

  1. My friend thanks for greeting pictures and video in my wp
    wish you a good new week, my thoughts also go to
    them in Bracilien in the terrible accident at a disco,
    hug kiss from Herluf.

    • Herluf, my dear young friend, thanks for your greeting and the fine and delicate imagery: “I love the way you love me”, I think it’s a deep thought and sensible .. I also hope you have a great week.

      Also my mind has been on the tragedy of Brazil .. a Brazilian friend of Facebook said that everyone in Brazil spoke of the tragedy and all accompanied their compatriots with your spirit .. I said my spirit was with them also ..

      President Dilma Rousseff was in Chile had to leave the Summit of CELAC to return home and be with his people.
      A hug and kiss for you … with love !


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